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Dr Abayomi LLB(Hons), Grad.Dip, LLM, BL, FHEA, PhD

I am an experienced academic, legal practitioner, and private law tutor with ten years of university teaching experience. Recently, I left a top UK university to focus in Legal practice and as a private law tutor.
I have been a private law tutor for eight years, I hold law degrees up to PhD level and remain research active in the commercial law field.
Private law tutor

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Online law tuition

Get Excellent Online Law Tuition From The Best Private Law Tutor

I am a Private law tutor with top-level experience. Through my online law tuition company, I deliver personalised Services as a Private law tutor to assist students to become better at understanding and analysing complex topics in areas such as land law, equity and trust, contract law, tort law, EU law, criminal law, constitutional law, and public law, etc.
Furthermore, given my broad experience and knowledge of commercial law in the classroom and as a Private law tutor, I am able to teach students specialist modules such as commercial law, intellectual property law, finance law, corporate law, international sales law, maritime law, banking and finance law, energy law, competition law, corporate finance law, corporate governance, company law, and law of financial crimes.
I can also provide private law tutor services on Alternative Dispute Resolution WTO law, Law and Economics, International law, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) law, Jurisprudence, Legal Method, Management Law, Media Law, Law of Obligations, Islamic Finance Law, and Trade Law, etc.
If you require a private law tutor, who is an expert in online law tuition in any of the areas above, you can count on my private law tutor services for all your needs.
It is rare to have an academically minded, PhD law tutor with practice experience. With me, you will be getting you will be getting quality private law tuition as I always seek to explain the theories in the context of practical scenarios. So if you truly care about your studies and you require the services of an exceptional private law tutor, contact me without delay!

My Warranty As Your Private Law Tutor

I provide online law tuition for students with a burning desire to succeed in their studies. As a passionate private law tutor, I often have to cater to various students. Moreover, I always ensure that each of my students receives a personalised learning experience. This is why tutees that have benefitted from my law tuition give glowing reviews about their experience and provide strong recommendations for my services as a private law tutor.

As your private law tutor, I will provide a decade’s worth of practical knowledge as a lecturer, researcher, law tutor, and UK legal practitioner. By leveraging my in-depth knowledge of the UK legal academic system and practical knowledge of the English law, you get the best of both worlds through my private law tutor services.
If you need a Private law tutor who can provide expert insights on your law modules or first-hand practical experience of UK legal practice, my online law tuition service, and legal service company have the resources to deliver actionable and result-oriented solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Private law tutor

Private law tutor

Why Get A Private Law Tutor For Online Law Tuition Service?

The significant increase in online tuition sessions is a reflection of the online medium’s great advantages and enables flexibilities that benefit the tutee and the tutor.
Experience shows that online law tuition helps to preserve significant time which a Private law tutor can spend strategising on ways to improve students’ learning experience. As a private law tutor who delivers online services, I provide several benefits for you. First, online law tuition eliminates travelling expenses and makes your class schedules more flexible. Also, you can see me demonstrate live some of the things that go on in my UK legal practice, which makes a more profound impression on you than reading books or watching videos.
You can also ask questions, take notes, and dig deeper into areas of weakness, so you come out of each session equipped with more actionable ideas and a better understanding on any problematic areas of your studies.
Furthermore, online law tuition allows you to study from the comfort of your home, reducing any form of study-induced pressure to the minimum and thus allowing for more understanding and assimilation of the lesson.
I aim to make the learning process stress-free as your private law tutor so that you can maximise the use of your time, efforts, and resources.
Using an online law tuition service is more affordable and increases the value of each session.

Internship Opportunity

For students of my online law tuition agency who need experience in UK legal practice either during their degree or immediately after, I will gladly consider the most promising of my tutees to work as an intern for my online legal services company.
My company which operates under the Trade Mark Online Legal Group renders unregulated legal services to members of the public. Students receiving my private law tutor services would be able to observe the workings of the law directly in areas such as contract, tort, and so on.
Graduating top of your class is a great feat, but you may not achieve much if you lack industry experience. As your private law tutor, I seek to provide a comprehensive internship program as a bonus.
As an intern at my legal services company, you will learn what it takes to build a successful UK legal practice.
Whether you want to become a commercial lawyer at the big law firms, an academic or a private law tutor, or set up a private legal practice, my company will provide the conditioning and valuable real-life experience to beat the odds when you set out on your own.
Take advantage of this internship opportunity to give yourself a head start in the highly competitive legal landscape. My online law tuition service combines top quality law tutoring with practical legal experience through an internship programme.
Private law tutor

Is Your Need Outside My Scope?

You do not have to worry if I did not mention your area of speciality in my Private law tutor services. Get in touch – I have a network of worthy Private law tutors through Core Expert Tutors who provide exceptional online law tuition services.
Maybe your focus is on family law or criminal defence law, and you need expert law tutors who can provide face-to-face lessons and insightful guidance. My online law tuition agency has a database of private law tutors who have the academic and practical legal experience to help you navigate any problem you face in your legal studies.
Are you a law undergraduate worried about your GPA? Online law tuition from a private law tutor can help your ailing grades and boost your performance before the end of the semester.
If you are having issues maintaining your scholarship due to low grades, we have private law tutors with extensive teaching and tutoring experience who can provide customised guidance and mentoring to suit your needs through our online law tuition company.
Are you struggling to keep up with assignments and exam preparations, or stuck with your thesis or seminar preparations? You can get quality, actionable advice and guidance from our face-to-face private law tutors to help you find success.
Contact us today to schedule a personalised online law tuition session with an expert Private law tutor who has the experience and knowledge to boost your grades and help you achieve excellent performance in your legal studies.


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